Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey. It was great meeting so many people in the community. Will see you all in 2022.





Welcome to my Ward 2 election page, be sure to reach out to me at any time with any questions you may have. If I haven’t knocked on your door, contact me and let’s meet !

We have less than a week to the election you may find most of the candidates knocking at your door. You will need to differentiate us from each other.  Intensification in the downtown is on everyone’s mind but we can’t forget about the day to day concerns and work together to improve our Ward 2 and City. I am the candidate with small business experience in the downtown, Corporate Experience and the one fighting for 10 years against over development.

Thank you for your consideration.


What do I bring to City Council:

  • Education – With a Masters Degree in Business and Environment, I am equipped to make the right decisions on saving money and determine where we need to be more efficient. Every dollar needs to be accounted for !
  • Career – I have worked for a small business downtown in Burlington and am currently at Staples head office. Experienced with downtown business and corporate operations. This working experience makes me understand the value of your dollar.The only candidate that has small business experience here in downtown Burlington and Corporate Experience.
  • I have been actively delegating against over intensification for 10 years. I will be directly impacted by the development at James and Martha (another 18 storey tower). I have a vested interest in stopping this.
  • Volunteerism – I have volunteered for local organizations and love being part of the community.
  • 15 years of delegating and working with City Council being a voice for the community, originally a volunteer with Peter Thoem and then outreach with Save our Waterfront.
  • I have delegated on multiple issues that impact our City not just intensification. latest LaSalle Park marina
  • My daughter attends a local public school, I will fight to keep these part of our community (KC also does, another has a child in private school)
  • I’m not a politician and not affiliated to a political party but been engaged for 15 years directly with our City Council. Ask a question and I will answer it directly, good news or bad

My experience and background is the right balance to be your voice on City Council. I know the issues big and small of our neighbourhood. You need a candidate that has corporate and small business experience. Burlington is at a crucial point, we are at buildout to the north and with most against intensification, we are going to reach a point of a fixed income or face increased taxes. I am against tax increases, you need a candidate with corporate business experience to make tough decisions on how to spend money and make systems more efficient. Being in Burlington for over 40 years I understand each vote and each decision impacts our community. I know the values Burlington has stood for and want to continue that legacy.

Admittedly, my website is not as fancy as other candidates, my pictures are not by a professional and my pamphlets are smaller to be used for bookmarks.  I want to send a direct message and spend money where I need to.

Further about me:

Ward 2 has been my home for 15 years and over 40 in Burlington. Growing up in Burlington and experiencing University and College in other cities made me realize how great Burlington was to grow up.  Each year I would return home and work at the original retirement home on Pearl Street and interact with the senior residents. After completing my education, it was an easy decision to return to Burlington my home, to work and raise a family. Calling Burlington home for over 40 years.

City politics has always been a passion of mine originally joining Peter Thoem’s (former City Councilor Ward 2 Advisory Committee in 2010 followed by Save the Waterfront Campaign. I have delegated on a number of issues that impact the City on spending, environment and over intensification.  I have delegated against over intensification for over 10 years. This passion for the City and Ward 2 continues today,

I’m at a strategic point in my life where I have the knowledge and experience that will be an asset to City Hall.  I am actively involved in the community both in business and personally. I hav

e retired parents and a daughter in primar

y school.  This gives me the great insight of addressing the needs , wants and challenges that face all demographics in Burlington.  The Council as a team must meet the needs of today’s generations  and tomorrows agreed up goals. 

Personally, I feel this Council has forgotten that the role of a Councilor is to be the people’s representative and voice.  There are so many community groups and individuals within the Ward and City and I feel each has an equal voice that deserves to be heard and accounted for. I have witnessed many people disillusioned after delegating before City Council. Most people are busy with work and families and trying to actively keep informed by the City is difficult. I want to be your trusted and educated voice in the City Council Chambers.

I have been in Burlington long enough to remember when we had 2 grocery stores downtown  and an arcade. there have been some great decisions made for downtown and some that have not been. I want to work with you and for you so that Burlington remains the best place to live in Canada. As voted by you !