Traffic and Congestion

For many of us we commute, I had a career downtown Burlington and moved on. If I knew the traffic I would be facing now, I would not have made that decision.

Our neighbourhoods are thoroughfares for commuters every day and a safety hazard for families in our community. The road diet on New Street magnified it but it continues to be a challenge daily.

I listen to Talk Radio (complaint radio) but I hear politicians from the East side of Toronto continuously lobbying for better transit and getting traffic moving.  John Tory in downtown Toronto has his own campaign to get Traffic moving.

I would actively push for the Provincial Government and our City to improve the safety and congestion. I understand the City has been trying to reduce car use but by putting a strangle hold on cars only frustrates the very citizens that pay the taxes. We need to get our east west corridor streets moving with proper light synchronization. Another issue where we all complain and nothing changes.

It is a frustration and if there is an accident anywhere on the QEW our neighbourhoods turn into either gridlock or a race course to find an alternative route home.

I can’t blame those drivers as our City planners and regional planners have created it. We need to unclog these arteries.

Burlington is known as the place where traffic comes to a stand still. There is a study currently taking place to improve the QEW to improve flow. These improvements could result in a perfect storm with the proposed development downtown.

Traffic will stop the commute will take even longer.  We need to push our higher levels of government to improve traffic flow condition and get the cars out of the neighbourhoods and moving safely.

Our streets are not designed for the increase in flow of traffic. The sidewalks that are adjacent to the roads are an accident waiting to happen.  As a Father of a 5 year old learning to ride a bike, it is scary.  Sadly accidents have occurred in Toronto and Waterdown in the last year.  We need to properly plan for the safety of our families before we over intensify the downtown.